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Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Presented by:  Kelvin Beene

Code Enforcement Mental Health Strategies

Class DescriptionThis course is designed to help you identify mental health issues and gives you the tools to make safe decisions on the factors identified while conducting inspections. This is a scenario-based training.

Class DescriptionThis course is a basic course in the theory of Zoning. It details the why and how’s of Zoning. This course will develop your zoning skills by enhancing the interpretation of zoning ordinance and the rationale behind the creation of zoning. 

Effective Communications
Class Description
This course teaches employees techniques and strategies that will allow them to effectively communicate with internal and external customers. It also will empower your staff to maintain a calm demeanor when faced with crisis. This is a scenario-based training course. This course is beneficial for anyone that has direct contact with citizens and staff.


Thursday,September 29, 2022

Emotional, Rational and Situational Intelligence
Presented by: Tim Schneider, Aegis Learning

Class Description
This class is the groundbreaking combination of three pieces of intelligence that neuroscientists and behaviorists indicate have a greater impact on success than traditionally measured IQ.  This class combines learning and growth in emotional intelligence, relational intelligence and situational intelligence to provide an incredible growth in personal and professional success factors. 

At work, in social settings and in society, we are faced with many situations from difficult team members, meetings with senior leaders, interactions at home and even sitting in a traffic jam.  This part of the program reviews situations and both appropriate responses and inappropriate/awkward responses that are designed to raise cognitive awareness and recognition.  Situational Intelligence also adds skills related to physical space and cause/effect events that are very common in everyday life. 

This emerging science and related practical applications allows participants to measure, evaluate and build stronger and more meaningful relationships at work, home, with customers, with team members and throughout life.  Relational Intelligence also engages powerful networking tools and reviews relationship based influence needed by leaders.

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