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Code Enforcement League of Arizona
Committed to the Advancement of the Code Enforcement Profession
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CELA Member Code of Ethics

I will uphold the constitutional property rights of all citizens to ensure due process with fairness and consistency.

I will seek to improve the quality of life within my jurisdiction by enforcing all laws in an exemplary manner.

I will strive to inspire public confidence and trust in  my profession by performing my duties with honor, integrity, truthfulness and fairness.

I will carefully avoid conflicts of interest or appearance of impropriety, and will not accept, or offer, any form of gift for the performance of my duties.

I will strive to become more knowledgeable of my profession through continuous training and education.

I will not permit personal feelings, prejudices nor influences (political or otherwise) to interfere, prohibit or delay the process of enforcement.

Code Enforcement League of AZ
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